Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mei-Chan No Shitsuji

Well, I didn't expect that I will watch this drama but I was fun. Having a cute butler around them is somthing outrageous.

Basically, this is about Mei-chan who happen to be one of the heiress of her grandfather property.She didn't know the existense of Hongo family until her beloved parent die. She entering St.Lunia Academy to be a proper lady. In this academy, everybody is rich. They have their own cute butler.

I think people need to watch this drama......

Have fun

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon-30 November 2009

On that specific day, Piji and I were wathching New Moon. The story about forbidden love by human kind had made the love become so pure.

It is best and so worth it to watch.....

Can'y forget when Edward said " Would you marry Me"

So sweet, tears fall from my eyes....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last second Day

This day is the last second day that I live in KPM. we have our practical briefing on the rest of our day. So tired but the info is so important for us. It will help us to face the industry environment more easier. After the briefing ended, Mr Aie's mentee plan to have dinner with the mentor. Sir Aie Treat..... hehehe.....

First time in 2 years and the half I live in Kuantan, I step my foot at Tanjung Lumpur. People always said that the place is good with the seafood.

Having the moment with all my close friends which is Zack, Fairuz, Big d and Ash is something that I can buy in any place. It is so precious. We have a great night together. Having Squid amd fish...... Mamma MIa....
Love it.......

After we finish eaten and arrived at hostel, that is the time where I feel sad. I start hang out alone at some place that I think I love most.

Rock Chair- Where all the Nok approach me

AL0312- Where all the Nok hang out and cherish each other

Other places is not forgotten to. Room that I spend most of my time with Lorenzo and Roon than I shared all my feeling with Azam....

Yakuba- Of course, this is the day that I can't face them. Eventhough they always said to me be a man still they still can treat me the way I am.

It sad to separate with them....
like a friend told me.....
Don't end the friendship with a diploma....
Hope it is true.............

Monday, November 23, 2009

Memory of KPM- 231109 (Part 3)

Dining with Shah, Agus, Syazwan, Afif and Wan Chai and Fahmi is the most touching part that I have done in this day. I know that I am not apart of their group but still they treat me as a person that i can be. Understanding what I want in this world is not a request for me to them but even we are different in many aspect had make me realise that man is important in my friendship list. Just having sausage and bread is enough for me to spent time with them. I love you guys so much. More than you guys know. Having a quality time like this just what I want. Eventhough I don't have the strength to face you guys all days, not because I hate you guys because I just done want to be sad. Thanks for what you guys have done to me.......

Memory of KPM-231109 (Part 2)

After bowling, I fetch Dinie at Terminal and we straightly go to East coast Mall and wait for Zack and Agus. Spending with Dinie and Zack is a must because they are friends that always going outingwith in semester 2,3 and 4. There a lots of memories that I can't even tell.

Having a tea with Kaka, Zack, Dinie and Agus were truly remarkable. Feel like semester 1 again. Thinking about it make my tears almost drop out.

Memory of KPM-231109 (Part 1)

Today, my mind has been free from the final examination. Seriously, semester 5 subjects are killer than any other subjects that I been took. All subject are theory and also understanding toward some subtopic. Still, I manage to face it all and I already took the final exam. Business Information System, Work of Organization, E-learning and also Marketing Principle. Thats all, I dont want to talk about the subject. After having a tough morning with all the pressure, I went out for some fun. Yoe, Mimi and I are going to lunch at the very special place, Taj Restoran. Of course, I am having Nasi Beriyani Ayam Madu and also Teh Ais. Delicious and satisfaction. Then we are having kareoke at K Box Kuantan Plaza. About 8 song had been sang by us, eventhough we don't have a nice voice but who care. we just want to relise our tension. Then, we are going to Bowling centre. Having a great game eventhough I just spent a while with them. Continue.........

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keeping Distance

As my life as MPCIM student's nearly ended, I realise that lots of drama and experience I had gain. The truth is I am not ready separated my life with this college. Even though this college is quite small and dull in the eyes of people but it taught me how to be independent as well as dealing with me who can't accept my way of living. I learned that every problems had solution if we know how to find it.

Any how, I started living in my room almost all the time. It's not like I don't want to spend my time with all my friend (at least I think they are my friend).I want to but I realise that keeping distance is the best way right now because the end of this semester, I need to say goodbye to them. I don't know what should I say to them. I don't know how to react. But what I know right now is when I keeping my distance, I would be able to say goodbye easily.

Pretending that I doesn't care to them is the way for me right now eventhough each friend that I have is the best thing that happen to me. Sory everybody, I know it is a jerk thing but I think I am doing the favor to every body. At least I am not making people unhappy.

Well everybody, I am sorry for what I have done to you all. From start you know me until the end.......


Friday, November 20, 2009

Pisau Cukur

Pisau Cukur is the best movie I had seen in cinema for these year. Best....... Glamour....... Fabulous.... I would give 5 star for these movie..... Oh my Gucci..... Oh my Prada...... Panaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012 is one of the movie that I think interested. First, my expectation toward this movie is more about apocalypse and how the western think about apocalypse. Then, my eager is on the top of my head. I went to East Coast Mall Cinema and watch it alone as Suhada cancel our plan in last minute.

After I watch it, I think it is a great movie eventhough it is only about disaster that may happen before the awaken of Dajjal and Apocalypse.

It is a best movie evethough it not what I expected. Upper East Sider, please watch it.........

Teen to -ty (Part 2)

Well, 48 hours ago I felt so insecure with being 20. Now, I think I can adapt it eventhough some of my friend that I expected to wish were not wishing my birthday. Eventhough I fell a little left out because they did not care about me still, I think they just forget. It is not a big deal anyway.

Being Mino is so 48 hour. Now, I prefer to be Amy. Simple person who just love to be alone. Being Amy again has make me realize that my life is easier than being Mino. Responsiblity is the thing thst I need to learn. I spent my whole night thinking that how can I become Amy back.

Now, I just get along with being 20. Someday, I will prove to people that I am mature.............

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teen to -Ty (Part 1)

In less that 24 hours, I am no longer a group of teen. I am becoming a group of -ty. I am not ready to be included in the -ty society yet. I am more prefer to be the teen group as it is the best group that I enetered.

Becoming the -ty is more like responsibilities and also problem. Thinkin rasional is a crucial and I am not a person who can think about responsible yet. Still, I need to walk through the path as the time is running and never stop.

OMG. I still can be believe i will become an old ridiculously man. I hate to be a man because I still can,t let go my boy personality yet.

What should I do?

Upper east side.....
Aging emergency

Monday, November 16, 2009

Decom Farewell Party

This is the best party I ever attend during I live as a KPM student. This party is only for semester 5 who will leave KPM due to practical as well as ended their study in diploma level. This party had been planned by DEcom club where high comittee of Decom tried their best in making this event happen. Due to this party, President of Decom ask me to have fashion show. I am honour to help them.

This party is a success because every decom student had wore clothes suitable with the theme. Me?
Of couse I wear something that pop myself. In this particular day, I had wear something beyond my comfort zone. People said that I wear like a true man. Even though it was weird for me, still, I am happy that I making people suprise for what I had wear on those day.

I also had make a performance. For the first time, I had sang in front of audience with Ika. We song Serasi Bersama and people start taking picture because we were a too; of gosipping.

I think this day is the best. After we ended this event, Yoe,Hilmi and Helmi with me went to have satay in a place that I dream to go. It is a night that I can't forget.

Thank you everybody for this precious memory.

Masquerade-ELS Dinner

Well, after a while I'm been busy with all the activity and study. I realize that it's been a long time I did not update my journal. Well, I will try to update all the stuff that I did. First, on 30 october 2009, ELS had launch the one and only annual dinner after two years this plan had been cancel because of certain difficulties. I was honour because had been assign by Mdm Chia Wai Fong to handle this event. I know it is very important for me as this is a token for every single member. This way, we can honour every single effort and hardwork that they contribute. I tried to make this event successful as I think this is one of my specialties that people can rely on which is managing event. Well, the party were successful and I satisfied eventhough a lot of drama had happen due to this event.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cover Girl Cosmetic

How do we look like without pinch of make up?

Of course, lot of make up is fashion DON'T.

In order to have a natural beauty like we always dream of by using make up, we need good product and suitable with our skin. Have you ever heard about Cover Girl Cosmetic?

Cover Girl cosmetic is a good product that been use by lots of American teenager. Cover girl has been a good make up for those who want to have a natural beauty appear. With a good and excellent make up, teenager self esteem will increase as they believe in themselves that they have a good look.

So, why should we wait for a good product?

Like Cover Girl tag line show : Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Copa Award

Copa Award is a crucial ceremony that been applied in KPM every single semester. The purpose of this ceremony is to appreciate student that had achieve excellent point based on level of education that been fixed by administrator.

Those who rewarded will be gather at hall to receive the award officially.
Well, after four years I was waiting, finally, I receive it with full of excitement. Even though, this is not what my dad expected and he is little bit disappointing but, I think I do it great.

Congratulation for those who receive the award......

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabulous Heels

In my last research of Spring collection, I found out that fashion is not about basic anymore. I would like to share my interest about shoe in this section. Well, I has a lot of free time today and I decided to full it with the extra information about high heel. My interest had been stole by the new collection of Manolo design. Manolo had invent the new design of high hell. The invention had transform heel to the high level that people can't imagine in fashion industry. The design that been pick by designer is very futuristic and sophisticated in the new way that people can't imagine. This shoes is worth 1200 dollar and it suit with the prce that they offer. Well, as we all know that heel is a crucial for elite society as well as ordinary people in the world. people willing to spend almost 2000 dollar for a heel. I think it is very profitable as long as it fulfill your satisfaction need.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Queen Of Catwalk

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

In fashion industry history, there are only women that have been called Queen of Catwalk. It is because they have the factor to be call with that kind of superior title. Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks are the best people to point when it’s come to runway. It is just not their body poster had amazed other people but their walk had made the runway become a high fashion stage.

As people in industry know, Naomi Campbel has a long, skinny leg that walk as a cheetah in the jungle. When she walk in runway with the product that been showed, it seems like she show the world that the brand has been a must to have. Her specialty in walking is more into couture and walking with high fashion brand that can’t be afford by common people. Her walk is grace but sharp, gentle but had, sophisticated and amaze.

Tyra Banks is different in her own fabulous way. Her body has a figure that kind of rejected by some high fashion designer because she is in size 2. She has her own charm in presenting herself on runway as it is cant be resist by the audience. Tyra Bank has a flirty walk that attract man to watch and women to try. Her walk make people see them realize that even ordinary people (not model) can walk like a real model as her walk is more into church walk. Church walk is common when it is come to street fashion show. Tyra Banks also had put her emotion in her walk as people always see different type of walk that been applied by her. Embracing herself in different way had made her becoming one of the Victoria Secret Angel.

These two supermodels had made me realize that walk is a crucial factor in embracing ourselves. People might know us through it.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Dream Phone

My dream phone is something special and also fabulous. Blackberry Curve 8900 is the best phone that people need. It is just not because of the brand but also the feature. Blackberry is the brand that I dream to have in order to make my life more fabulous. In Manhattan, elite teenager use Blackberry because of trend. I can't miss to become one of the elite person because I am the wannabe person.

This phone is like other new phone. 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Multimedia and email sending and other awesome feature.

Dream is still waiting. One day I will have it.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is all about the gossip about the Manhattan elite teenager. It is all about love, scandal and also betrayed that we can never imagine. Serena Van Der Woodsen is a wild girl been good after missing about a year going to boarding school. Having a on off relationship with Dan Humpfrey because of the complicated problem. Blaire Waldrof is the most popular girl in school. Having her own society and also have the authority to destroy people life. Relationship with Nate Archebald since kindergarten end when Nate having sex with Serena years ago. Blaire had decided to have relation with Chuck Bass but their relationship can be declared by both of them because of their ego. Chuck Bass on the other hand is a person with the dirtiest man i the world. As a rich person, he tend to use the money to having fun especially with woman. There are some briefing about them. "This is the secret I never tell You know you love me XoXO Gossip Girl"

Memory Of Raya

This year Hari Raya Aidilfitri was the memory that I never forget. Eventhough I had liquid and it was contigues, but still I can managed to enjoy myself. On the forth day of Hari Raya, my friends and I were planning to go to our friends house for visit. There was 20 people and we managed to go 30 houses. Started from 9.00 am and ended at 6.00 pm. It was fun as we were barely seen each other since after taken SPM. Well, as we gather, there were lot of stories had been shared. All the adventure that we been through since we entered tertier level. It was fun and it can"t easily forget by them. By the end of the day, we were taking the memory picture so that we can remember that day. Until we meet again. XOXO

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to be a Successful Model

Angel Of Victoria Secret

Life as a model is about fame and money......
People adore model as they are one of the icon for succesful living....
However, becoming a model is not as easy as a nut......
They are struggling everyday to look as people want them to be......

These are a few tip to become a great model:
1- Always confident when facing other people
2- Body posture must good as it reflect our personality
3- Good time managemant
4- Don't ever call other people 'BITCH' or 'SLUT'
5- Look as simple as you can, still it show that you are fabulous

Cinta Atau Sayang

Cinta adalah abadi bagi sesetengah manusia. Bagi mereka, cinta mampu mengubati hati yang duka dan lara. Tanpa mereka sedari, sayang adalah lebih penting dari bercinta. Cinta memerlukan komitmen yang tidak mampu diatasi oleh sesetengah pihak, tapi, sayang hanya memerlukan sedikit komitmen dan ia lebih mudah dari cinta.

Selalunya, manusia hanya boleh untuk bercinta dengan seorang. Akan tetapi, manusia mampu menyayangi lebih dari seribu orang. Persoalannya, kenapa manusia lebih memberatkan yang satu lebih dari yang seribu. Adakah dalam seribu itu tidak mampu mengambil berat tentang diri manusia itu lebih dari yang satu. Tanda Tanya yang selalu menjadi ingauan diri ini tidak mampu terjawab.

Jika diberi pilihan antara cinta dan sayang, adakah manusia akan memilih sayang? Ataupun memilih sayang apabila cinta telah terputus? Fenomina ini mungkin tidak terjawab sehingga akhirnya. Fikirkanlah……….

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Death and Birthday

Bless It Be in The World After
Syafiq Fareez (1989-2009)

Today is the happy day and the sad day for me. As always, our life is full with drama.


Today is Shafickry birthday. He is turning 20 and he is still the same person that I know when I was first met him two years ago. I wish all the best for his life and the world after whether in his career, relationship and economic. Hope he will be the same person until the last of friendship.


Yesterday, one of my close friend died because of accident. He was the man who always cheerful and easy going person. He always smile and also he is popular among woman as he is a gentleman with a cute face. Unfortunately, I had been told by Yanni today. It is quite sad losing a great man in my team but his day has come. As a friend, the only thing that I can do is pray for blessing. He was a man of cherish. He is Syafiq Fareez. I will always remember him as a cool man that I know.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Choosing Side

When a friend feel that we are not suitable to be friends with other people,they will said the bad thing about others in order to make us believe that were making a mistake in choosing a friend. Unfortunately, it is happen to me. A good friend of mine think that I am making a mistake when I choose certain friends. He tell me that some people treat me unfair, and I deserve better friend. However, I have my own opinion toward all my friends. I love being friends with people who have different interest and perspective toward something. For me, it will make me rethink for all decision that I do. Every decision that not only about me but good for everybody else. However, when this kind of situation happen, a friend will ask us to make our decision in choosing side of friend. Even the way he said it is indirectly but the way he said has make his point, perfectly. I am a person who cherish all my friend. I may forgive every single mistake that people do to me and I aspect people do the same. Choosing side is not a solution of a problem as it may bring other problem instead. How can I choose my friends if I already love them? How can I make people happy without tearing people down? How can I make my own decision if I think that kind of decision is not relevant? Well, I am hoping all my reader to give a comment about it as I can't do it. Please, give me some solution towards this kind of situation as I can't choose my friend in order to please a person.

My Idol

Speaking of idol, every single person has one or maybe more. Idol is a person that we admire.Sometime, we think that we want to be like them. We always follow their trend, interest and personality because we think that someday we can be like our idol. Well, I have 2 idols that popular and successful. They are Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey. Both of them are fantastic and ruler of the world.They both are successful business woman yet single and fabulous. Tyra Banks was a former supermodel who expend her wing in entrepreneurship. Back on her day being a model, she is one pf the hot list model who been book by lots of designers. She has the fierce eyes and body to die for. Not only that, she is also one of the Victoria Secret' angle. She has her own production called Tyra Banks Production and a talk show. Her talk show has give an inspiration for people in handling their life. More over, she is the host and inventor of America Next Top Model. Oprah Winfrey on the other way is a host of her own talk show. Her talk show had make people discover about life, health, fashion and music. She is also a real estate as she has make a lot of deal in this area. They both are gaining lots of money. They were live in fabulous lifestyle and also making other people happy in their own way. I admire them as they can do anything they want. Being like them has make me think that cherish other people can make us happy. No one can beat that.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Save The Last Dance for me-Ben E. King 1959

This song is very romantic and touch for a person who in love and going to be in love. Owh, before I forgot, the new version of this song had been sang by Micheal Buble. For me, this song is a story that never been told.It is a story about a girls who had a dance with her ideal man in the center of people. While people amaze by them, they were dance beautifully and stare each other with a thousands of meaning. In the same time, angle and cupid start giving their bless and shooting the love arrows. Owh, this couple dance with ballade rhythm and smile. Smile that people can't imagine. So beautiful. When the full moon start showing it self and star had twinkle, some people must be jealous. In the end, the man had propose her with a beautiful ring and ask her to be his soul mate.

Baby, don't you know I love you so
Cant You feel it when we touch
I will never never let you go
I love you ow so much

Sex And The City

Sex and the city is the best drama that ever been seen in the world. this story had showed the power of new york women in handling their selves with their career, love and also sex. Basically, this drama is not about sex. It is more than that. Through 7 season of sex and the city, it show on how Carry Bardshaw, a columnist of sex and the city searching for love as well as searching for huge lable such as Gucci, Monolo, Jimmy Choo and Prada. With help from her other best friends, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, they live as a true New Yorker and happily.

" We always be Single and Fabulous", Sarah Jessica Parker

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victoria Station and BIg Apple!!!!

Tomorrow is the first Ramadhan of this year. As we all know, Ramadhan is the best month to losing weight as well as gaining it. it is depend how we eat after breaking the fast. Well, I had been picked up by Ezral at Pekeliling Bus Station as I having my mid term break. We were planning to having dinner at Victoria Station. Yes, we did had dinner at there. the beef is delicious and juicy but, unfortunately, I can't finish it. Luckily, I am not in Kpm. If I am, I will be mad by people who care about me (I think). Then, we were going to KLCC and I companies him buying present for his girlfriend. It is fun as I been given authority to choose the best present through my eyes. I was able to picked one and it is fabulous. No women will resist this kind of give. Then, he sent me to Keramat AU2 (my sister house) after we were stopping by to Big Apple at Jusco Setiawangsa. He brought me 12 pieces of doughnut. At home, while I am finishing E-learning report, I was ate about 6 of it. It is quite surprise and afraid as this thing can gaining my weight. But, I have a beautiful day even though I need to have a rough time on the bus.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LIving In The Fab LAne

Kimora Lee Simmons is the American Dream. The talented designer is credited with inspiring a new generation of consumers with her glamorous, sexy, over-the-top style which has catapulted her white hot clothing label Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons to enormous success. Kimora's influence in the world of fashion is undeniable while her savvy as a businesswoman has made this former runway model a worldwide brand phenomenon. With an unrivaled universal appeal, Kimora is the only multi ethnic woman to have a successful fashion empire along with her own signature diamond encrusted cell phone, jewelry collection, cosmetics and fragrance - quintessentially, she is the new establishment. A native of St. Louis, Kimora began her career as a fashion model at the early age of 13 when she was personally chosen by fashion czar, Karl Lagerfeld to model for the esteemed house of Chanel in Paris. Her success as a runway model gave Kimora an innate sense of style which propels her as a fashion designer. As the instrumental force behind the brand's creative designs, ad campaign strategy and marketing concepts, Kimora has taken her astute business acumen and passion for her work to spearhead numerous brand extension ventures with companies including Mattel, Motorola, Lancaster and M. Fabrikant & Sons which include bedding, home products, candles, fragrance and cosmetics. Inspired with her. Try and be one with a fabulous personality and awesome clothes.