Monday, November 23, 2009

Memory of KPM- 231109 (Part 3)

Dining with Shah, Agus, Syazwan, Afif and Wan Chai and Fahmi is the most touching part that I have done in this day. I know that I am not apart of their group but still they treat me as a person that i can be. Understanding what I want in this world is not a request for me to them but even we are different in many aspect had make me realise that man is important in my friendship list. Just having sausage and bread is enough for me to spent time with them. I love you guys so much. More than you guys know. Having a quality time like this just what I want. Eventhough I don't have the strength to face you guys all days, not because I hate you guys because I just done want to be sad. Thanks for what you guys have done to me.......