Friday, November 20, 2009

Teen to -ty (Part 2)

Well, 48 hours ago I felt so insecure with being 20. Now, I think I can adapt it eventhough some of my friend that I expected to wish were not wishing my birthday. Eventhough I fell a little left out because they did not care about me still, I think they just forget. It is not a big deal anyway.

Being Mino is so 48 hour. Now, I prefer to be Amy. Simple person who just love to be alone. Being Amy again has make me realize that my life is easier than being Mino. Responsiblity is the thing thst I need to learn. I spent my whole night thinking that how can I become Amy back.

Now, I just get along with being 20. Someday, I will prove to people that I am mature.............