Monday, November 16, 2009

Decom Farewell Party

This is the best party I ever attend during I live as a KPM student. This party is only for semester 5 who will leave KPM due to practical as well as ended their study in diploma level. This party had been planned by DEcom club where high comittee of Decom tried their best in making this event happen. Due to this party, President of Decom ask me to have fashion show. I am honour to help them.

This party is a success because every decom student had wore clothes suitable with the theme. Me?
Of couse I wear something that pop myself. In this particular day, I had wear something beyond my comfort zone. People said that I wear like a true man. Even though it was weird for me, still, I am happy that I making people suprise for what I had wear on those day.

I also had make a performance. For the first time, I had sang in front of audience with Ika. We song Serasi Bersama and people start taking picture because we were a too; of gosipping.

I think this day is the best. After we ended this event, Yoe,Hilmi and Helmi with me went to have satay in a place that I dream to go. It is a night that I can't forget.

Thank you everybody for this precious memory.