Monday, November 23, 2009

Memory of KPM-231109 (Part 1)

Today, my mind has been free from the final examination. Seriously, semester 5 subjects are killer than any other subjects that I been took. All subject are theory and also understanding toward some subtopic. Still, I manage to face it all and I already took the final exam. Business Information System, Work of Organization, E-learning and also Marketing Principle. Thats all, I dont want to talk about the subject. After having a tough morning with all the pressure, I went out for some fun. Yoe, Mimi and I are going to lunch at the very special place, Taj Restoran. Of course, I am having Nasi Beriyani Ayam Madu and also Teh Ais. Delicious and satisfaction. Then we are having kareoke at K Box Kuantan Plaza. About 8 song had been sang by us, eventhough we don't have a nice voice but who care. we just want to relise our tension. Then, we are going to Bowling centre. Having a great game eventhough I just spent a while with them. Continue.........