Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Save The Last Dance for me-Ben E. King 1959

This song is very romantic and touch for a person who in love and going to be in love. Owh, before I forgot, the new version of this song had been sang by Micheal Buble. For me, this song is a story that never been told.It is a story about a girls who had a dance with her ideal man in the center of people. While people amaze by them, they were dance beautifully and stare each other with a thousands of meaning. In the same time, angle and cupid start giving their bless and shooting the love arrows. Owh, this couple dance with ballade rhythm and smile. Smile that people can't imagine. So beautiful. When the full moon start showing it self and star had twinkle, some people must be jealous. In the end, the man had propose her with a beautiful ring and ask her to be his soul mate.

Baby, don't you know I love you so
Cant You feel it when we touch
I will never never let you go
I love you ow so much

Sex And The City

Sex and the city is the best drama that ever been seen in the world. this story had showed the power of new york women in handling their selves with their career, love and also sex. Basically, this drama is not about sex. It is more than that. Through 7 season of sex and the city, it show on how Carry Bardshaw, a columnist of sex and the city searching for love as well as searching for huge lable such as Gucci, Monolo, Jimmy Choo and Prada. With help from her other best friends, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, they live as a true New Yorker and happily.

" We always be Single and Fabulous", Sarah Jessica Parker

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victoria Station and BIg Apple!!!!

Tomorrow is the first Ramadhan of this year. As we all know, Ramadhan is the best month to losing weight as well as gaining it. it is depend how we eat after breaking the fast. Well, I had been picked up by Ezral at Pekeliling Bus Station as I having my mid term break. We were planning to having dinner at Victoria Station. Yes, we did had dinner at there. the beef is delicious and juicy but, unfortunately, I can't finish it. Luckily, I am not in Kpm. If I am, I will be mad by people who care about me (I think). Then, we were going to KLCC and I companies him buying present for his girlfriend. It is fun as I been given authority to choose the best present through my eyes. I was able to picked one and it is fabulous. No women will resist this kind of give. Then, he sent me to Keramat AU2 (my sister house) after we were stopping by to Big Apple at Jusco Setiawangsa. He brought me 12 pieces of doughnut. At home, while I am finishing E-learning report, I was ate about 6 of it. It is quite surprise and afraid as this thing can gaining my weight. But, I have a beautiful day even though I need to have a rough time on the bus.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LIving In The Fab LAne

Kimora Lee Simmons is the American Dream. The talented designer is credited with inspiring a new generation of consumers with her glamorous, sexy, over-the-top style which has catapulted her white hot clothing label Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons to enormous success. Kimora's influence in the world of fashion is undeniable while her savvy as a businesswoman has made this former runway model a worldwide brand phenomenon. With an unrivaled universal appeal, Kimora is the only multi ethnic woman to have a successful fashion empire along with her own signature diamond encrusted cell phone, jewelry collection, cosmetics and fragrance - quintessentially, she is the new establishment. A native of St. Louis, Kimora began her career as a fashion model at the early age of 13 when she was personally chosen by fashion czar, Karl Lagerfeld to model for the esteemed house of Chanel in Paris. Her success as a runway model gave Kimora an innate sense of style which propels her as a fashion designer. As the instrumental force behind the brand's creative designs, ad campaign strategy and marketing concepts, Kimora has taken her astute business acumen and passion for her work to spearhead numerous brand extension ventures with companies including Mattel, Motorola, Lancaster and M. Fabrikant & Sons which include bedding, home products, candles, fragrance and cosmetics. Inspired with her. Try and be one with a fabulous personality and awesome clothes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friend or Foe

Plan That Didn't Work

Well, today is the day that I supposed to see my friends in Kuantan as he went to see his uncle in Kuantan's area. Unfortunately, he cannot make it as he had another business to do. For me, it is quite frustrated as I really want to see him. He and I need to discuss about our misunderstanding about a matter. In school, he was a good friend as he is always take care about every single thing that I do. But lately,we don't have any chemistry anymore. Supposedly, we were going to East Coast Mall as I want hanging out at Baskin Robbin. I wonder if he is telling the truth because lately I can't believe in him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Unable to see the future

Today is the day of sadness of my family. it is because our next generation had lost his fight before he can live in this world. The first son of my next generation had died before my family able to see him live. As his uncle, I really excited in meeting him, hold and cherish with all the bless that he can had. Unfortunately, Allah took him for a reason. In my family history, we already lost three people because of abortion. First experience that we had face went my sister lost her first child when she was pregnant him/her. That was a shock because this kind of truth was quite hard to accept. Then, my sister in law had lost her first baby when it was pregnant for two month. The truth is, I don't know what to feel or say as I am kind of worried for my family member especially my sister.I don't know how she will handle herself especially toward her emotion. What i know for now is just pray to our beloved god and hoping He will give her a strength. God bless her.....