Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Choosing Side

When a friend feel that we are not suitable to be friends with other people,they will said the bad thing about others in order to make us believe that were making a mistake in choosing a friend. Unfortunately, it is happen to me. A good friend of mine think that I am making a mistake when I choose certain friends. He tell me that some people treat me unfair, and I deserve better friend. However, I have my own opinion toward all my friends. I love being friends with people who have different interest and perspective toward something. For me, it will make me rethink for all decision that I do. Every decision that not only about me but good for everybody else. However, when this kind of situation happen, a friend will ask us to make our decision in choosing side of friend. Even the way he said it is indirectly but the way he said has make his point, perfectly. I am a person who cherish all my friend. I may forgive every single mistake that people do to me and I aspect people do the same. Choosing side is not a solution of a problem as it may bring other problem instead. How can I choose my friends if I already love them? How can I make people happy without tearing people down? How can I make my own decision if I think that kind of decision is not relevant? Well, I am hoping all my reader to give a comment about it as I can't do it. Please, give me some solution towards this kind of situation as I can't choose my friend in order to please a person.