Sunday, September 6, 2009

Death and Birthday

Bless It Be in The World After
Syafiq Fareez (1989-2009)

Today is the happy day and the sad day for me. As always, our life is full with drama.


Today is Shafickry birthday. He is turning 20 and he is still the same person that I know when I was first met him two years ago. I wish all the best for his life and the world after whether in his career, relationship and economic. Hope he will be the same person until the last of friendship.


Yesterday, one of my close friend died because of accident. He was the man who always cheerful and easy going person. He always smile and also he is popular among woman as he is a gentleman with a cute face. Unfortunately, I had been told by Yanni today. It is quite sad losing a great man in my team but his day has come. As a friend, the only thing that I can do is pray for blessing. He was a man of cherish. He is Syafiq Fareez. I will always remember him as a cool man that I know.