Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabulous Heels

In my last research of Spring collection, I found out that fashion is not about basic anymore. I would like to share my interest about shoe in this section. Well, I has a lot of free time today and I decided to full it with the extra information about high heel. My interest had been stole by the new collection of Manolo design. Manolo had invent the new design of high hell. The invention had transform heel to the high level that people can't imagine in fashion industry. The design that been pick by designer is very futuristic and sophisticated in the new way that people can't imagine. This shoes is worth 1200 dollar and it suit with the prce that they offer. Well, as we all know that heel is a crucial for elite society as well as ordinary people in the world. people willing to spend almost 2000 dollar for a heel. I think it is very profitable as long as it fulfill your satisfaction need.