Tuesday, August 31, 2010


5 years ago, Micheal Kors (former fashion designer) said in an article that dressing is a form of expression and the season's trends are always a reflection of the times. with his way of thinking, he manage to make a magic in every single year of fashion show with his glamorous and fabulous haute couture.

From my understanding, clothing is way of expression in exposing ourselve with our personality. Some people are willing to wear like a strippers because they want to show their surrounding that they are comfortable with their own figure or skin. Other people are comfortable wearing the professional because they want to show that they have career.

Being different in ways of clothing make our fashion industry grow. It show that some clothes do make a trend in life. So people, don't throw away you way of clothing because its do make variety in our world.

You can walk on the street like some kind of diva and being fabulous the way your wear because people do judge the way we wear that clothes. Even though we wear like an angle. Everybody is the critics right now. Don't be ashamed people because it is who you are.....