Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Different-Is that a bad thing

As living in this world for almost 21 years, I do realize that I am kind of different than other normal man. I am different in term of walk, talk, way of fashion as well as interest.It supposely interesting as my friends and I could learn something in term of different behaviour that we hAd.

As my life growing older, I already get used when some people had giving some bad impression towards my act. Sometime, they should realize that I had something that they may not have. Talent that I can share to make themselves easy.

To tell you the truth, I am a person who can simply care about others either man or women. I don't mind if I need to sacrifice something to make sure my friends happy. As long as I can help them, I am happy to see them happy.

I don't have lots of problem in term to stay communicate or keep in touch with women as they are usually doing the same thing that I always do with my friends. Women are usually tweet and call their friends just to say hi or maybe just to talk about their day. Unfortunately, if I did the same thing with men who may knowing me in less than a year, it may misinterpret the meaning of my action. Honestly, I love to keep in touch with my friends.

I know that some of my action are quite drastic to digest for men to accept me just the way I really am. It just, I am showing how I care about them without hoping to have something in return.

I am not talking about all my male friends. Some of them are really nice and care about me.But some of them are tend to do something that I can expect thay will do.

I do love my friends equally. It just that I cherish my male friends more as they are willing to accept me the way I am. Just my curiousity, is it ashamed to have a friend like me? Am I a bad person just because I act diffrent?

I don't know.......