Tuesday, August 31, 2010


5 years ago, Micheal Kors (former fashion designer) said in an article that dressing is a form of expression and the season's trends are always a reflection of the times. with his way of thinking, he manage to make a magic in every single year of fashion show with his glamorous and fabulous haute couture.

From my understanding, clothing is way of expression in exposing ourselve with our personality. Some people are willing to wear like a strippers because they want to show their surrounding that they are comfortable with their own figure or skin. Other people are comfortable wearing the professional because they want to show that they have career.

Being different in ways of clothing make our fashion industry grow. It show that some clothes do make a trend in life. So people, don't throw away you way of clothing because its do make variety in our world.

You can walk on the street like some kind of diva and being fabulous the way your wear because people do judge the way we wear that clothes. Even though we wear like an angle. Everybody is the critics right now. Don't be ashamed people because it is who you are.....

Different-Is that a bad thing

As living in this world for almost 21 years, I do realize that I am kind of different than other normal man. I am different in term of walk, talk, way of fashion as well as interest.It supposely interesting as my friends and I could learn something in term of different behaviour that we hAd.

As my life growing older, I already get used when some people had giving some bad impression towards my act. Sometime, they should realize that I had something that they may not have. Talent that I can share to make themselves easy.

To tell you the truth, I am a person who can simply care about others either man or women. I don't mind if I need to sacrifice something to make sure my friends happy. As long as I can help them, I am happy to see them happy.

I don't have lots of problem in term to stay communicate or keep in touch with women as they are usually doing the same thing that I always do with my friends. Women are usually tweet and call their friends just to say hi or maybe just to talk about their day. Unfortunately, if I did the same thing with men who may knowing me in less than a year, it may misinterpret the meaning of my action. Honestly, I love to keep in touch with my friends.

I know that some of my action are quite drastic to digest for men to accept me just the way I really am. It just, I am showing how I care about them without hoping to have something in return.

I am not talking about all my male friends. Some of them are really nice and care about me.But some of them are tend to do something that I can expect thay will do.

I do love my friends equally. It just that I cherish my male friends more as they are willing to accept me the way I am. Just my curiousity, is it ashamed to have a friend like me? Am I a bad person just because I act diffrent?

I don't know.......

Word Of Advise

During my internship programme in Bernama, a good friend of mine said something that I will remember until the end of of life. He said that in everything that I did, I must always think positive for the outcome but still, just did not hope it in the way that we wanted to.This conversation happen when I was applying for a permenant position in that cherish place.

It been 3 month since this conversation happen. With the complication that I need to fight now, I think these advise may reduce my stress in a way that I never think that I will did in reducing it.

Anyhow, I will fight it like a true worrior eventhough the authority said that the chance is only 70%. I know that the possibility is bright but sometime, it doesn't seem that way when they cut it open.

Still, I am a person who still need to leisure myself with fun and glory. Having fun with my friends, spend money in unusefull thing and also socialize in a positive way.

That is not the point. The point that I want to stated here that I am very thankful to that special person for giving me a useful advise evethough we were not best friends. He is a good person. He did help me a lot. Thank you......

Who Am I????

Since I was in primary school, I have been exposed with relations, fashion and career. How? With Sex and The City in HBO channel. Through there, I learned how 4 single women who live in New York City (Empire of State)spent their days working hard trying to find love, friendship, and career.

Now, after 12 years, in the early 20, I, Aminur aka Amy, am trying to find these three things even though I am just living in Kuala Lumpur and not New York. The important thing is, my life will become just like those 4 single women who had inspired me in ways that even i can't explain.

Watching Carrie Bradshaw had make me realize that we don't need to raise our opinion using our little voice. We can do in other way..Writing.

Now, I believe I can be the new Carrie Bradshaw. Trying to find the true love, having a stable career, and of course, wearing designer clothes.

While trying to find the meaning of true love, good career, perfect outfit from famous designer, I will try writing the meaning of some personal thoughts and also try to find some solution in problems that may be occur in my precious and fabulous life.


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