Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why do you contact me?

It has been a while you lost from my radar. I can't text you or even call you. Trying searching you every where that I know without knowing what happen to you. Leave message without replay, calling without answer. I was worried like hell. Then, I gave up. I don't have strength to find you anymore.

While I was trying to forget you...
suddenly, you call.....
seeking for my help about you problem...

Come on, do you think I will help you after you make me like this. Just forget it.
I will not help you even thinking bout you anymore.....
Go away, find somebody that want to help you.
Even better, why don't you try seeking you best friends. As far as I know, I am not on your list of bff.

Before I forget, erase me from your helping list.
Why should I help you?
You not even the A list.
FYI, you just the blacklist.

Helping you making my reputation become bad.

So, Fuck off. I just hate you.....
Until then......XOXO