Tuesday, November 30, 2010

28 November 2010 - Weekend with My Friends

Today is that day that I'm waiting over a month. So excited as I am miss a person so much. Back in college, he was my roomie which in sem 1 and sem 5. We were closed yet barely seen each other coz he is living in Terengganu and now he continue his study in UNIMAS (Sarawak). We did seen each other when we met at PICC (convocation) but barely speak to each other coz busy with some stuff and other friends. He came for Natrah and we managed to met at KLCC with other few friend.

Around 12pm, I managed to arrive at KLCC and met them. Kak Lily, Kak Kham, Liyana Sulaiman, Atiqah and Din were waiting at TGV and dicuss on movie that they want to watch. After a while, we manage to get a movie that can suit with all people which is SOCIAL NETWORK.

SOCIAL NETWORK is very motivated to watch as it is a story based on life of Mark Zurkerberg as a founder of a social network called "FACEBOOK". well, this stories more about the challenge that he face to make a his dream come true. Mostly, about lawsuit that been made by certain people and some people who are cult that manage to make bad decision for Mark. Still, it quite nice to watch in the evening consider I'm not sleeping in while watching it.Hehe....

While gather rogether, we manage to change some stories with other (gossiping) So not MINO if I am not getting some juicy news about others. (Like Pali said "MANGGA BERGERAK). Photo had been captured everywhere. Lots of stunt had been made which consisi of jumping, laughing and others. How ever, I'm glad seeing evrybody coz everybody is in a good condition.


Monday, November 29, 2010

27 November 2010 - Air Terjun Pertak

Well, ari nie aku pergi ke Pertak, Kuala Kubu Baru ngan rakan-rakan aku yg aku kenal sejak sek mengah lg. Dah jd tradisi kitorg tuk wat trip jalan2, mandi manda setiap tahun. Kali nie kitorg ke Pertak pula. X de la jauh pun tuk dikira sebab tempat tu masih dalam area selangor lg. Plan tuk pegi trip nie dibuat dlm masa yg agak singkat dan pengeluaran bajet yg agak sedikit. X sampai RM 10 sorg. Suke aku trip yg bajet rendahconsider skung nie sume org tgh sengkek.hehe

Yg pergi kali nie pun x ramai. Cume 9 org je. Aku, reza, blur, hasif, rapi, bob, eral, azwan dan fareez. Pegi dalam kol 8.30 (walaupun plan asal nak gi kol 8). Balik dlm kol 1230. Sampai sane dlm kol 9.30. kire ok la tu consider air kat situ agak sejuk. Klu mandi lame2 sat gi, kecut plak sume...hahahaha...Tempat tu memang menyenangkan. Kirenye, klu nak merehatkan minda, memang best la kat situ. Terlupa setekita masalah dlm otak.

Anyway, pasnie x tw plak nak ke mane. Ikot Rapi coz slalu die yg akan organise. Aku ikot je sebab x tw tempat yg best tuk berseronok mcm nie. ^ bulan lg nak kemane ek Rapi??????????

P/s: Tempat tu terletak di kawasan Org Asli........

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hari Pertama

Hari nie aku bersemangat gi awal ke Unisel (semangat la sgt) tuk ambik jadual kelas n transfer credit. Agak berpuas ati ngan jadual yg die bg. Sume kelas 3 jam...Bengkak mate aku duk dlm kelas tu nanti. Memang aku penuh kan 3 jam ngan gosip je la nanti. X de makne nye aku bole fokus 3 jam straight.Ari Isnin n Khamis x de kelas langsung. Yg tu memang terbaik. Gap antara kelas memang byk so bole aku tido waktu gap kat umah nanti. Haha......Jadual die memang x membuatkan aku stress. Terima kasih kepada Unisel.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adam Lambert - Fabulous Make Up Ever...

I love Adam Lambert smokey eyes........ He is one of the fashion icon for me.......
Love u Adam.....U inspired me a lot with ur song n make up....Muaaaahhhhhh.......

Harry Potter & Deathly Hallow

Every single year, I manage to book myself and cinema ticket for a precious movie which is Harry Potter. This year, I manage to ask few of my high school friend to go with me. Luckily, they accept my invitation. Rezza, Raffi, Blur, Ezral and I manage to book ticket on 18 November, 11.30 pm at Pavilion KL. We were lucky consider there lots of Harry Potter fan out there. BTW, I also met Hanim ( my dear lovely friend from Bernama) on the way to enter the cinema. Haha. What a small world.

Well, the story is quite nice even though there are less action than other sequels. For me, it is considerable because this time, Harry Potter had been showed in two part. Most of the time, the stories focus more on Harry Potter, Hemione Granger and Ron Weasley adventure to kill Veldemort.

Mostly, I was excited to watching Hermione Granger in action. Seriously, watching her transform from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly make me falling in love with her.

Ps: Can't wait for JULY.....

Turning 21

On 18th November 2010, I realised that I am not getting younger. A year passing by just like I celebrating my 18th birthday yesterday. The truth is, I hate being in 20s. I feel like I am loder than I,m supposed to be. So, I decided not celebrating it in fancy way. I mean no party, no present request and nothing. Just me and myself lying on the bed and sleep. Luckily, I manage to do it without any distraction. I know it is not like a elite way to do it but I just dont feel it. Celebrating it remind me that I not a kid anymore while I still act like a child. So, that is the way I celebrate my 21st birthday.

P/s: Thanx to all my friends coz wishing my birthday throught all kind of mass media.....Appreciate it much....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


5 years ago, Micheal Kors (former fashion designer) said in an article that dressing is a form of expression and the season's trends are always a reflection of the times. with his way of thinking, he manage to make a magic in every single year of fashion show with his glamorous and fabulous haute couture.

From my understanding, clothing is way of expression in exposing ourselve with our personality. Some people are willing to wear like a strippers because they want to show their surrounding that they are comfortable with their own figure or skin. Other people are comfortable wearing the professional because they want to show that they have career.

Being different in ways of clothing make our fashion industry grow. It show that some clothes do make a trend in life. So people, don't throw away you way of clothing because its do make variety in our world.

You can walk on the street like some kind of diva and being fabulous the way your wear because people do judge the way we wear that clothes. Even though we wear like an angle. Everybody is the critics right now. Don't be ashamed people because it is who you are.....

Different-Is that a bad thing

As living in this world for almost 21 years, I do realize that I am kind of different than other normal man. I am different in term of walk, talk, way of fashion as well as interest.It supposely interesting as my friends and I could learn something in term of different behaviour that we hAd.

As my life growing older, I already get used when some people had giving some bad impression towards my act. Sometime, they should realize that I had something that they may not have. Talent that I can share to make themselves easy.

To tell you the truth, I am a person who can simply care about others either man or women. I don't mind if I need to sacrifice something to make sure my friends happy. As long as I can help them, I am happy to see them happy.

I don't have lots of problem in term to stay communicate or keep in touch with women as they are usually doing the same thing that I always do with my friends. Women are usually tweet and call their friends just to say hi or maybe just to talk about their day. Unfortunately, if I did the same thing with men who may knowing me in less than a year, it may misinterpret the meaning of my action. Honestly, I love to keep in touch with my friends.

I know that some of my action are quite drastic to digest for men to accept me just the way I really am. It just, I am showing how I care about them without hoping to have something in return.

I am not talking about all my male friends. Some of them are really nice and care about me.But some of them are tend to do something that I can expect thay will do.

I do love my friends equally. It just that I cherish my male friends more as they are willing to accept me the way I am. Just my curiousity, is it ashamed to have a friend like me? Am I a bad person just because I act diffrent?

I don't know.......

Word Of Advise

During my internship programme in Bernama, a good friend of mine said something that I will remember until the end of of life. He said that in everything that I did, I must always think positive for the outcome but still, just did not hope it in the way that we wanted to.This conversation happen when I was applying for a permenant position in that cherish place.

It been 3 month since this conversation happen. With the complication that I need to fight now, I think these advise may reduce my stress in a way that I never think that I will did in reducing it.

Anyhow, I will fight it like a true worrior eventhough the authority said that the chance is only 70%. I know that the possibility is bright but sometime, it doesn't seem that way when they cut it open.

Still, I am a person who still need to leisure myself with fun and glory. Having fun with my friends, spend money in unusefull thing and also socialize in a positive way.

That is not the point. The point that I want to stated here that I am very thankful to that special person for giving me a useful advise evethough we were not best friends. He is a good person. He did help me a lot. Thank you......

Who Am I????

Since I was in primary school, I have been exposed with relations, fashion and career. How? With Sex and The City in HBO channel. Through there, I learned how 4 single women who live in New York City (Empire of State)spent their days working hard trying to find love, friendship, and career.

Now, after 12 years, in the early 20, I, Aminur aka Amy, am trying to find these three things even though I am just living in Kuala Lumpur and not New York. The important thing is, my life will become just like those 4 single women who had inspired me in ways that even i can't explain.

Watching Carrie Bradshaw had make me realize that we don't need to raise our opinion using our little voice. We can do in other way..Writing.

Now, I believe I can be the new Carrie Bradshaw. Trying to find the true love, having a stable career, and of course, wearing designer clothes.

While trying to find the meaning of true love, good career, perfect outfit from famous designer, I will try writing the meaning of some personal thoughts and also try to find some solution in problems that may be occur in my precious and fabulous life.


I transfer all my post in to this blog......

so, just read it

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Because of anger

Anger is one of the 7 sins that I cannot fight in my self. I tried so hard to make it gone away but I failed. The worse part is, this feeling is spreading all over my environment. There are lots of small matter has been huge because I can't control my anger very well. I am not pointed others because it is come from my brain. I need to change it even though the 'A' case is not settle yet. I try my best in order to make my life normal again........

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ada apa dengan maruah?

Apa itu maruah dimata manusia?
Adakah maruah mampu dibeli atau ditukar ganti?

Persoalan seperti ini membuatkan aku terfikir akan satu subjek yang agak penting dalam hidup manusia iaitu maruah. Satu ketika dahulu, manusia sanggup bermati-matian untuk menjaga maruah mereka serta keluarga mereka.Adalah menjadi satu pantang apabila seseorang itu mencalar maruah mereka.

Akan tetapi, dunia sudah berubah. Maruah bukanlah satu kepentingan dlam hidup mereka. Maruah yang dahulunya dijaga dengan nyawa telah boleh dibeli dengan harta, pangkat dan juga wang ringgit.

Adakah maruah sekarang tidak bernilai?
Adakah manusia sanggup meletakkan maruah mereka di tempat yang hina dan bahaya?

Kemusnahan Pertalian

Sewaktu di kolej dahulu, aku sering bersama 5 orang rakanku yang mempunyai minat yang serupa dan pengalaman hidup yang hampir sama. Perjalanan hidup kami bagaikan di fotostat dlam tahun yang berbeza. Persamaan inlah yang membuatkan kami rapat dan menonjol di khalayak ramai pabila kami bersama.

Akan tetapi, kami juga mempunyai keinginan yang sama, iaitu, menghancurkan kebahagiaan orang lain. Bagiku, ia telah berakhir kerana keinginan seperti itu bukanlah sesuatu yang istimewa yang perlu aku teruskan.

Itu hanyalah pendapatku. Bagaimanapun, pendapat kita berbeza pabila keluar dari kepompong itu, semua ingin mencari haluan sendiri, semua ingin mengpraktikkan ape yang telah diajar dan semua ingin menjadi yang terbaik lebih dari rakan seangkatan yang lain.

Untuk mengecapinya, seorang itu mampu meletakkan rakan-rakan lain sebagai mangsa untuk menampakan die adalah terbaik dari semua segi walaupun hakikatnya die lebih teruk dari yang lain.

Apabila situasi begini berlaku, kami yang lain hanya memandang dahulu sampai tahap manakah seorang itu ingin menghancurkan yang lain. Nampaknya, die mampu melakukan lebih dari jangkaan yang lain dengan menggunakan satu senjata yang kami mampu kami boleh membuatkan orang terpedaya iaitu mulut.

Akan tetapi, ini hanyalah permulaan dalam hidupnya, aku sebagai 'BITCH FROM HELL' tidak akan berdiam diri dan menunggu lebih bayak lagi hinaan terhadap diriku. Dengan ini, aku melafaskan putus pertalian persahabatan yang terjalin dan kau adalah musuh no 1 ku sehingga ke akhir hayatku.

Kain Putih

Dalam hidup ini, kita sering diberitahu bahawa setiap manusia ibarat sehelai kain puth yang bersih dan suci. Tiada kekotoran dan juga sedikit caritan diatas kain itu. Kita juga diberitahu bahawa ibubapa telah bertanggungjawab dalam mewarnakan kain putih itu seperti mana mereka inginkan. Setiap ibubapa telah menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka dalam mewarnakan kain tersebut dengan sentuhan kasih sayang, nilai-nilai murni dan juga kepercayaan kepada agama. Walaupun tidak sempurna, mereka telah mencuba sedaya upaya. Akan tetapi, bukanlah tanggungjawab mereka untuk mewarnai seleruh kain tersebut kerana mereka hanya mampu mewarnakan sebahagian kecil dr kain tersebut. Sebahagian kecil yang bermakna dalam kehidupan manusia. Warna-warna asas yang membentuk kita menjadi manusia berguna.

Apabila kita sudah mengerti apa itu kehidupan, kita telah memilih warna kita sendiri. Pada waktu itu, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk mencorakkan kain kite sperti mane yang kite inginkan. Tiada sesiapa pun yang mampu memberi pendapat dalam corakan yang akan lakukan.

Sebab itu lah, hasil kepada kain itu berbeza untuk setiap manusia. Walaupun mempunyai darah yang serupa, akan tetapi, pendapat yang berbeza. Tidakkah kita pernah terfikir bahawa kain yang kita warnakan itu sebenarnya salah walaupun cantik di mata kita.

Apakah kain itu boleh dilunturkan semula dan diwarnai semula dengan warna yang lebih baik?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yakuba Vacation @ Kuantan

After 3 month of internship program, we been asked to sent our final report to college. It so stressful finish the report to make sure it is in order. After 3 days, I finish it with a good report.

Well, that is not the main point for it. Basically, I want to tell u about my vacation with all the Yakuba. Spending time in Shafiqri house for 4 days is so great. Having all the Yakuba (except Afif and Agus) make me realize that I am used to be a part of their life. Laughing together and share all the memories make meso hard to leave them just like that. Still, I manage to make time for them to spend thier time among themselves.

Having dinner together and spend time in Teluk Cempedak is the best......

What can I say more,they are the best thing happen to me in college......
I just love them.......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Been too long

Its been too long I didn't open my blog. I dont why I am not open it. Its not like I am busy.

I am so lazy......

Dont know why.......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reconnect with Amy

Just something to clear my mind

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why do you contact me?

It has been a while you lost from my radar. I can't text you or even call you. Trying searching you every where that I know without knowing what happen to you. Leave message without replay, calling without answer. I was worried like hell. Then, I gave up. I don't have strength to find you anymore.

While I was trying to forget you...
suddenly, you call.....
seeking for my help about you problem...

Come on, do you think I will help you after you make me like this. Just forget it.
I will not help you even thinking bout you anymore.....
Go away, find somebody that want to help you.
Even better, why don't you try seeking you best friends. As far as I know, I am not on your list of bff.

Before I forget, erase me from your helping list.
Why should I help you?
You not even the A list.
FYI, you just the blacklist.

Helping you making my reputation become bad.

So, Fuck off. I just hate you.....
Until then......XOXO

Monday, January 18, 2010

Not reach my expectation......

well, last night I was out with Fatin Nur Adilla Mohd Hatta to see a movie. We watched Spy Next Door at pavilion. Somehow I think this movie was not reach my expectation. It had joke but I think it was not enough. Totally not worth it seeing in cinema.
Wasting my time.....
So tired from wentb working then seeing a movie like this, make my life totally bllack list.......


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dont Know

I really don't know what to tell all you guys, but my life is getting better and better. I can't complain if I have some issue becoz it just me and my self. About small matter that I think I'm the only person who take it seriously. Totally being a dumb ass there.

The rest, I think it's okay. Everything is under my control.

Gossip......Totally didn't receive any from the gossip girl.

Until then....


Monday, January 11, 2010



Practical is best still I,m quite worried about NW task 1.....
Dont know anything.....
What to do?
and all that....
So please upper east side.....
help the Queen A here....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A while

Dah sebulan aku x post pape kat blog. terlampau byk yg berlaku dalam hidup aku. Ade yg gembira dan ade yg sedih. Ari nie aku dapat anak buah baru. Bukan satu tp dua. Haha.......

Setakat nie aku cume panggil dorang Chuck and Blair coz abg aku x bg name lg kat dorg.....

Esok aku akan memulakan praktikel ku....
Takot, happy....
sume ade....
x tw nak ckp cam ne