Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cover Girl Cosmetic

How do we look like without pinch of make up?

Of course, lot of make up is fashion DON'T.

In order to have a natural beauty like we always dream of by using make up, we need good product and suitable with our skin. Have you ever heard about Cover Girl Cosmetic?

Cover Girl cosmetic is a good product that been use by lots of American teenager. Cover girl has been a good make up for those who want to have a natural beauty appear. With a good and excellent make up, teenager self esteem will increase as they believe in themselves that they have a good look.

So, why should we wait for a good product?

Like Cover Girl tag line show : Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Copa Award

Copa Award is a crucial ceremony that been applied in KPM every single semester. The purpose of this ceremony is to appreciate student that had achieve excellent point based on level of education that been fixed by administrator.

Those who rewarded will be gather at hall to receive the award officially.
Well, after four years I was waiting, finally, I receive it with full of excitement. Even though, this is not what my dad expected and he is little bit disappointing but, I think I do it great.

Congratulation for those who receive the award......

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabulous Heels

In my last research of Spring collection, I found out that fashion is not about basic anymore. I would like to share my interest about shoe in this section. Well, I has a lot of free time today and I decided to full it with the extra information about high heel. My interest had been stole by the new collection of Manolo design. Manolo had invent the new design of high hell. The invention had transform heel to the high level that people can't imagine in fashion industry. The design that been pick by designer is very futuristic and sophisticated in the new way that people can't imagine. This shoes is worth 1200 dollar and it suit with the prce that they offer. Well, as we all know that heel is a crucial for elite society as well as ordinary people in the world. people willing to spend almost 2000 dollar for a heel. I think it is very profitable as long as it fulfill your satisfaction need.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Queen Of Catwalk

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

In fashion industry history, there are only women that have been called Queen of Catwalk. It is because they have the factor to be call with that kind of superior title. Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks are the best people to point when it’s come to runway. It is just not their body poster had amazed other people but their walk had made the runway become a high fashion stage.

As people in industry know, Naomi Campbel has a long, skinny leg that walk as a cheetah in the jungle. When she walk in runway with the product that been showed, it seems like she show the world that the brand has been a must to have. Her specialty in walking is more into couture and walking with high fashion brand that can’t be afford by common people. Her walk is grace but sharp, gentle but had, sophisticated and amaze.

Tyra Banks is different in her own fabulous way. Her body has a figure that kind of rejected by some high fashion designer because she is in size 2. She has her own charm in presenting herself on runway as it is cant be resist by the audience. Tyra Bank has a flirty walk that attract man to watch and women to try. Her walk make people see them realize that even ordinary people (not model) can walk like a real model as her walk is more into church walk. Church walk is common when it is come to street fashion show. Tyra Banks also had put her emotion in her walk as people always see different type of walk that been applied by her. Embracing herself in different way had made her becoming one of the Victoria Secret Angel.

These two supermodels had made me realize that walk is a crucial factor in embracing ourselves. People might know us through it.