Friday, August 14, 2009

Unable to see the future

Today is the day of sadness of my family. it is because our next generation had lost his fight before he can live in this world. The first son of my next generation had died before my family able to see him live. As his uncle, I really excited in meeting him, hold and cherish with all the bless that he can had. Unfortunately, Allah took him for a reason. In my family history, we already lost three people because of abortion. First experience that we had face went my sister lost her first child when she was pregnant him/her. That was a shock because this kind of truth was quite hard to accept. Then, my sister in law had lost her first baby when it was pregnant for two month. The truth is, I don't know what to feel or say as I am kind of worried for my family member especially my sister.I don't know how she will handle herself especially toward her emotion. What i know for now is just pray to our beloved god and hoping He will give her a strength. God bless her.....